If You Love Somebody, Better Set Them on Fire

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Big Pillow

We peeled out of Johnny Carino's parking lot and hit the road, looking over our shoulders. I just knew that our server was going to come after me, yelling about how she lives off tips. Of course, if that were true, she might work a little harder to earn them.

The van had been all over the place by now and was thirsty for some gas. Casey stopped at a QuikTrip to fill up.

As soon as he stepped out and closed his door, Raw locked the doors and burst into rather evil giggles. Did I mention we were really mature last weekend?

Casey, who is equally evil in nature, grabbed the gas pump and pretended to spray the van with gasoline. And then he pulled out his lighter.

All the while, he grinned as if to say "This is funny!"

The QT guy walking by did not laugh.

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