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View from the Back

After getting our hearts broken at Sushi Train, Raw, Casey and I decided to head out to The Legends. They had gone to Johnny Carino's for their anniversary and fallen in love. With bellinis.

Since the weekend was all about partying we thought a nice dinner with equal parts nice drink would get our weekend going better. Casey stopped outside to have a smoke while Raw and I were ushered to a table. Where we waited. And waited. Casey stopped by the bathroom. Raw and I waited. Casey found our table. We all waited.

Finally our waitress came and took our drink order. She arrived with water and took our food order. She came back quickly with our pitcher of bellini. Casey had barely finished pouring his when the waitress showed up with our soup and salad. In a few minutes, here she was with our meals.

For someone who took her sweet-ass time getting to our order, she sure seemed to be rushing us along.

There are gimes when I need my lunch to go quickly. If I'm on my lunch break, I appriciate some fast and friendly service. But when a person is strolling in at two on a rainy Saturday afternoon, usually that person is looking to relax.

The girl obviously had her mind elsewhere. She barely spoke to us and Casey had to tell her three times "Enough parmesan!"

Our napkins had just left our laps when she came to ask if we needed boxes. "Do you want dessert?"

At this point, we were really irritated. Raw and I shook our heads. Casey said "No . . . maybe . . . I don't know. I might. Do you need us to get out of here?"

She seemed very surprised and I think realized she had made us grumpy. Casey decided that now, he didn't want dessert so she left to box up the leftovers.

When she came back, she left the check on the table and told us "You can stay as long as you want."

But apparently we couldn't order more. She never came back to check on us.

I tip big. I mean, it's not like I'm leaving c-notes for my servers. But I generally tip more than your average person. I think I've given less than the fifteen percent that's usually recommended maybe once.

But this chick really irritated me. I decided I was going to go against the good side in me that kept trying to change my mind. I was going way low with my tip.

Casey and Raw both went to the bathroom while I held the check. I didn't want her to see the tip until after I was gone. When Casey got back, I signed my name and then clambered out of our booth.

"Go! Go! Go!" I was rushing Raw and Casey along like we had committed some sort of crime.

Yeah I'm a chicken.

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