It's Been a Long Day, Always Ain't That Nice

Happy Belated Birthday, Raw!

The other day, I was talking to a friend and invited him to go on my weekend trip.

"We're going to Worlds of Fun on October 13 for my birthday!"

"I thought your birthday was two weeks ago."

"Right. But my birthday lasts for months."


I think it all started with Raw and me as good traditions often do. At some point, we decided that it stays your birthday until one of your friends has a birthday.

And of course it had to be a friend who wanted to participate in our birthday fun. Otherwise, the game wouldn't work. You'd still end up with just the same day.

When this started, everyone wanted to play along. I usually had at least a few months of birthday but poor Raw always seemed to get screwed. She was lucky to get two weeks!

As we get older, most people aren't as excited about their birthdays, and don't want them to last longer. So it's really just Raw and I which means we each get about six months of birthday.

"I'm going to get my birthday changed to the day after yours!" My friend decided after hearing my explanation.

"Then I'll just have to stop considering you a friend."

Sacrifices must be made to stretch out my special day!

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