Too Early in the Sun

The Master and His Minions

The smell of Christmas is in the air . . .

What's that? It's not even Halloween yet? Huh.

Well, my Christmas shopping is done. Yes. I am that awesome.

Now, i can just sit back and relax for the next couple of months while everyone else worries about their last minute gifts.

I can also do all the things I have been too lazy to do the last couple of years. For some reason, my Christmas list of things-to-do has been quite neglected while I've been working for this company. This year, I'll have tons of time for baking and Christmas cards!

That's right. I know you've missed my lovely greetings! And because I've got such a Christmas fever, I'm going to send out a ton this year!

So who wants to be on my list? Send me an email with your name and address to auntbee at heartauntbee.com.

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