You Can Swallow Me

This is second in a series of posts about one night with Jacque and Evan that somehow ended up being all about dogs. The night began here.

Thai House

After listening to a chick talk about how usually when her dogs escape their six foot fence, they go to the other side of Thirteenth Street, we waved goodbye and headed off to dinner.

Jacque took me to a Chinese restaurant she hadn't been to in a long time. I hadn't ever been. It's one of those places that's right there in your face but most people don't really know about.

Everything is made from scratch which of course makes everything taste way better. The steamed dumplings were awesome and by the time our actual meals came, I was pretty full.

We had just about finished our meals when we started hearing barking. Jacque and I looked at each other. The barking sounded like it was coming from the kitchen.

"I ordered the chicken, right?"

No I did not forget about this series. It's just intermission.

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