You Don't Need an Invitation

This is last in a series of posts about one night with Jacque and Evan that somehow ended up being all about dogs. The night began here.

Maizey and Evan

After a dinner of possible mystery meat, we headed back to Jacque's.

While she took Evan in for a bath, I let the dogs in. They still seemed pretty grumpy that we had been hanging out with other dogs so I made sure to spoil them a bit.

I headed back to the bathroom and heard Jacque scold Evan. I couldn't quite make out what she said but thought I heard "No! Get out of the toilet!"

I walked through the bathroom door and saw Evan sitting on the toilet. "Hi!"

Jacque turned around and just as I put down on the floor inside the bathroom she said "Watch your step!"

Turns out she wasn't trying to get Evan out of the toilet. She was trying to get him on it because he apparently forgot he wasn't wearing a diaper and peed on the floor.

And my foot was square in the middle of the puddle.

Jacque laughed and said it was better than stepping in dog urine. "I've done it a couple of times and it almost made me sick to my stomach."

I don't think I can decide which is worse, but I certainly have reason number 9635 to not have kids.

No I did not forget about this series. It's just intermission.

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