Lemme Talk to Ya, Lemme Buy You a Drink


During my sophomore year in high school, I hung out a lot with Jacob. You may remember him from The AFUBU! Club.

The next year, his sister Kissy joined the Debate and Forensics team. Thus we became friends also.

They come from a large family. Their youngest sister, Greta was only like five back then. Michael and I were enchanted with her. She had an awesome name and was adorable. When Greta was around, Michael and I didn't pay much attention to anyone but her.

And then you know how the story goes. you graduate and go away and all the little ones stay the same age in your head. Until you see them and are shocked.

I saw Greta for the first time in almost ten years at Jacob's big birthday bash.

"I hear stories about you," she told me. "But I'm sorry I don't remember you."

It's probably better that way, Greta.

Kissy was working when we went to Reba's this weekend. She told me Greta was in town, visiting one of their other sisters, Kate.

"Tell them to come here!" I joked. "We'll get Greta drunk!"

Later that night, after Kissy had left, Kate and Greta did show up. They didn't see me and walked over to a large table in the corner. We watched as they asked Nick for a drink. Kate got a beer and Greta left with nothing.

"The poor thing will be parched!" I told Raw and Casey. "We should send over a Shirley Temple!"

Casey had Nick take one over and asked him to say "Complements of the lady in red."

The girls never sent back a thank you so as they walked out, I made sure to call them over. "Did you enjoy your Shirley Temple, Greta?"

"You sent that?" Kate asked.

Greta seemed relieved. "I guess it would have been okay to drink, then."

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