Take It to the Spot Man Now It's Time to Crank It Up

Blue Skies

I forgot to get a few things at Target last night, so I stopped by the slightly creepy Dillons to pick up a few things on my way home.

This Dillons is old and very small. The entryway is poorly planned. There's probably room for three people and one cart. Yet somehow, with everyone going in and out, you have to try to grab a cart and shove your way into the store.

I can't quite explain it. But it's really awkward.

Even more annoying, there's no cart cages in the parking lot. Nobody ever wants to take the carts back to the cart area in the crazy entrance, so they just leave them in the parking lot.

But not me! I'm not a jerkface like that! I always take my cart where it's supposed to go.

I took my cart back to the jam-packed entryway and found what I expected: a traffic jam.

I stood and waited for the eight carts and fifty people to squeeze their way out. As I waited, a woman stood beside me trying to find a route into the store. I thought this was my chance!

"Do you need a cart?" I asked. I was very friendly and motioned toward the cart I was pushing.

This lady looked horrified and recoiled from me.

I'm kind of devastated. That's what I get for trying to be nice.

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