A Minute of Perfection Was Worth the Effort

The Pomegranate

I knew I would jinx it!

This week has been especially crappy at work. It's been busy and some things have really set me off and put me in a really really bad mood.

So I decided to go to Target tonight. I'm feeling much better.

I've been really obsessed with pomegranate juice lately. It's tasty and I guess it's really healthy. But I've never actually eaten a pomegranate.

Today was the day to change all that. There they were, just sitting in the produce section, begging me to try one.

I picked one up, brought it home, and went over to ehow to figure out how to eat it.

Of course, I took none of the suggestions and just cut right into it.

Which is probably why I made such a mess. The seeds are tasty but I don't know if I'd recommend buying a pomegranate. It took a lot of work to get this:

The Pomegranate

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