You Could Move on This Moment

Jail MailWhen I first moved into the penthome, six years ag--Wait! Six years? I am indeed getting old.

Anyway, I bought this marker board to write stuff on. And then I never wrote on it. So I started writing quotes on it.

I think the quotes came from cereal boxes. I really can't remember. But they seemed like quotes I should gather inspiration from every time I grabbed a Dr. Pepper.

During this time, I was also working for The Postal Service. I saw a lot of mail. We weren't really supposed to look at it but sometimes you just couldn't help it.

Sometimes the mail was entertaining. Like when kids addressed their own letters to Santa. Or when someone lived on some weird street. Or had some insane name.

But the best mail was jail mail.

At times, the jail mail envelopes were crazy awesome works of art. Other times, they were crazy awesome works of poetry.

The quote featured above is from a piece of jail mail. It really grabbed my attention. I'm not even completely sure what the author was trying to say, but for some reason it spoke to me.

That Tuaca label? No. It did not speak to me.

It's just another one of those things, like many other in my house, that never got thrown out because it's a memento.

One man's trash is my tchotchke.

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