For All the Decent Citizens You've Enraged


This week has been a particularly crap week at work.

Everyone is friggin crazy and I'm pretty sure they're trying to take me down with them. I really thought my head was going to explode today.

I had the lady that, after ten minutes of babbling facts about her accounts to me, couldn't remember why she needed me.

Then there's the people that can't seem to fathom (thanks for bringing that word back, Justin Bobby) the whole privacy thing. Look, lady, I'm sorry your dad is sick. But you have no ownership or power of attorney on this account. If you had a cold, would you want me to let Billy from down the street check out your accounts? Would you really?

I think what bugs me the most about it is that people are intentionally hurtful when I'm not able to help them. It's not that I don't try. I give you every option and opportunity to be helped but I can't hold your hand through your whole financial life.

"I hope you go to hell!"

No really. My left eyebrow aches from frowning and being raised all day.

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