Why You Wanna Censor Me?

The Boy

I haven't really mentioned my trip home for my three day weekend. I even forgot to upload the pictures until today.

It's not like the weekend was too terribly exciting. My grandparents were also visiting, so El Chico was terribly spoiled. Really, it was same ol' thang for him. Just with more people!

The Boy has this new toy. It's a caterpillar or something with a bunch of feet. Each foot is a different color and labeled with a letter. When you touch the foot, it will say the letter on the foot.

Marcus made sure I checked out all the available options. See, you can set this thing to say the words in Spanish and you can set it to say what color the foot is. I think there's a music setting, too. But the setting my brother and I enjoyed the most was the one that said what sound the letter makes.

We tried to make it say every dirty word we could think of, but apparently, the people over at Leap Frog were way ahead of us.

We tried to do boob. "Buh. Ooo. Tee hee hee! You're silly!"

We did find a few words that, while not really R-rated or anything, still made us laugh.

Butt, Fart from Aunt Bee on Vimeo.

Yeah. That's The Boy falling. You missed out on the thunk of head hitting ground and the resulting screaming.

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