When I Was Jazzercised


While I was home, we gave Dad some crap (pun intended) about never changing diapers.

Like most dudes, he's not a diaper guy. I mean, it's not like anyone really enjoys it. It just seems like it's usually a chick getting stuck with the duty.

I've changed enough diapers in the last couple of years that they don't bother me as much. But I still can't get used to the ones full of poo. I really really hate it and it always ends up a big mess as I'm hollering more than the kid.

So Mom always gets stuck changing the diapers. "Ew! You stink, kid! MOOOOOOOM!"

Once, during the weekend, we got stuck without Mom around. And The Boy definitely needed a change. He didn't seem to be cranky about it, so I took my time gathering the necessary supplies. This gave me some time to work up my courage.

You see, I had just picked a booger out of the kid's nose. It's not often that I'll do that, either. But it really big and making his whistle as he breathed. Plus, it looked pretty dry and I thought it would just kinda fall out with a little prompting.

I reached my pinky nail in there and dug that sucker out. Then I seriously almost threw up. The booger was even bigger than I thought and it was all wet on the other end. I don't know how something that giant even fit in that little nose.

I needed a little time to work up to more trauma.

While I was trudging around the house, Dad finally got tired of the smell and took The Boy to the other room and asked me to bring him the stuff.

I was speechless. Was Dad really going to change a diaper?

So of course, I grabbed my camera and snuck a picture before I went in to help.

He needed help, too. There was a lot of poo in there. He used about fifty wipes. I stood by and held the crappy diaper in one hand and handed him wipes with the other. It was like surgery or something. Except the request wasn't "Scalpel." It was "Hurry I need another wipe now!"

I kept waiting for him to ask me to sponge the sweat off his brow!

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