Don't Be Drab, You'll Be Fab

Sophia and Sadie

Raw likes to break news to me via text messages.

They announced Sophia's existence and the fact that they were married by picture text. Then, Raw told me she was going into labor by text.

Last night, I received this:

The girls are getting baptized March 15. Will you be Sadie's godmother, too?

That's right. Me. Godmother.

I felt pretty honored when Raw asked me to be Sophia's godmother. Not via text, by the way.

Raw and Casey have a lot of family to choose from. I think it says a lot about our friendship and their foolish trust in me.*

Although there was really no question in my mind, of course I would be there for Sadie, I sent Raw this response:

You can't just text a person a question like that! It takes a lot of though and discussion. Oh alright. I'll do it for fifty bucks.

Raw called after just a few minutes. "I'm sorry! As I was texting, I was even thinking about how this is pretty important so I should probably call! But I went to the trouble of figuring out my new phone so I could text you!"

"Well, I guess that does make it seem special, knowing you had to work so hard," I laughed. "I was just kidding, anyway. Well, except I was serious about the fifty dollars!"

*Just kidding! You guys can totally trust me!

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