So Don't Think That You're Going


Wednesday is my "Jacque and Evan Day."

It seems I as always going over there at least once a week and Wednesday just always seemed to work out well. So now, it's the norm.

It's always pretty awesome when I arrive. The dogs are always super excited to see me so I have to stop by the fence to say hello.

The best part is when I knock on the door and I can hear Evan flipping out inside. "BEE!!! MOMMA!!! BEE!!!!"

I usually spend Sundays with BJ, Doll and the original poomongers.

Last Sunday, I walked in the door and ran into Bret, who was trying to lock the door before I could get inside. Then BJ realized who walked in. "Son of a . . .! Get out!"

When Doll walked in, she scowled at me. "When did she get here?"

"I don't know," replied BJ. "Get her out!"

When Mitch arrived home, his first question was "What's she doing here?"

Well. Family keeps you grounded.

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Michael said...

If you ever showed up in Cali I'd totally try to lock my door before you came in.