And Made Me Smile for More

*I got the link to this freaky shizznit from this guy and had the same reaction. But I didn't IRL LOL until this part (Man I love it when people spell sounds!):

I am still having nightmares where I wake up and that disembodied head is floating above my bed making a noise that sounds like "pshwwwsshwwwwhhhwwwwssssshssssshshshsssswwww."

*I do, too!

*Maybe They should make the kid work off his debt?

*I held my breath while I looked at these photographs. They are equal parts exciting, awesome and creepy.

*I wonder what all is on this thing.
"What color do you like for the house, Bill?"
"I'm not sure. How about we send the colors up in space and see which does best when bombarded with space junk?"

*And now for your weekly dose of "I shouldn't be laughing but it's soooo funny!"

Seriously. I can't stop laughing at the way she just hits the ground. It's okay. She lived.

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