Lists: Day Six


I will be on vacation all next week and have not been talking about it for several reasons.

1. I'm not really doing anything terribly exciting. No exotic destinations or anything.
2. I have a lot of places to be the whole week.
3. I have a lot of things still to prepare and haven't even started.
4. I kinda keep forgetting I have vacation next week.
5. If you talk about vacation, the days leading up to it just seem longer.

My vacation starts with pizza and birthday cake in honor of Sophia's big numero dos tomorrow and then I'm off to hang out with my parents. The Boy will be visiting also.

Now, you may think I'm excited about spending time with him. But last time we hung out, I experienced something quite traumatic.

This is where you should stop reading if you get nauseated easily.

Last time I visited the family, we had sandwiches for lunch one day. I sat on the living room floor and set my plate on a footstool in front of me. The Boy took this as a cue to come try to stick his hands right into my plate.

I distracted him by placing small bits of bread in his mouth. He had just eaten and probably wasn't actually hungry. But he was pretty excited to be eating real people food instead of some oatmealey mush.

He started choking on one bite so I held my hand under his mouth, ready to catch the piece of bread in case he coughed it out. I know this sounds gross, but it was that or have Mom yell at me because I let him get mustard on the furniture.

Instead of a small chunk of bread, suddenly The Boy had projectile vomit flying out of his mouth.

And when I say projectile, I mean projectile! It filled my hand and kept on flying right onto my plate!

I was shocked! I couldn't even move! I just sat there with puke cupped in my hand.

The Boy just wandered off like nothing had happened. Like "Hey looka that! So I'm just gonna go play now. Enjoy that."

You can understand, then, why I'm a little fearful. Guess I'd better get a bucket.

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