Lists: Day Thirteen


Martha Stewart is brilliant. Why do I love her so?

1. The woman has taste.
Everything matches. Nothing is ever overdone. Her things aren't necessarily "in style" but are always classic.

2. Her magazines are useful.
The recipes are usually not overly complicated. They also actually teach you how to do stuff. You feel like you can manage to produce the same thing without the result looking like something a five year old did.

3. Her website is awesome.
Anything featured in the magazines, books or on television can be found on her site. You don't have to have a special code or subscribe.

4. Her appearances on Conan and Dave are awesome.

5. And vice versa.

6. She's been to jail--and didn't get her ass kicked.
She didn't get special isolation treatment like some younger celebrities. They probably figured she didn't need it. Martha Stewart could probably cut a bitch super-efficiently and discreetly.

7. She came out of jail somehow more popular and likeable.

8. She's a party animal.
She will go anywhere for a good party. And every now and then, she'll actually say bad things about the hosts. "I noticed that as they took our coats, they were just tossing them on the floor!"

9. She actually does housework.
Sure, she probably has help for a lot of it. But she does her own ironing. Which is more than I do!

10. The girl can drink.
If one of her guests makes drinks with the food, she always goes for the drink first. I watched her make egg nog once. The recipe was something like this:

So there's this creamy stuff. Then you dump in a ton of alcohol. Then a bunch more. And hey, let's pour some more in for good measure! Drink up!

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