Lists: Day Twenty Four


Last Friday, I was pretty obnoxious.

Jill asked me what I was doing for the weekend and all I could do was say "BUNNY CAKE!!!"

At random times during the day, I would send her a message. "BUNNY CAKE!!!"

I guess what you could gather from this obnoxiousness is that I was pretty excited about a bunny cake. And you would gather correctly. You see, my hometown has a bakery that makes bunny cakes for Easter.

They're not lame like the bunny cakes I see everywhere else. They're not only delicious, they're also adorable!

I'm not a giant cake fan. I mean, I'll eat it. But I could definitely live without it. I could especially do without frosting. It's just too much for me.

Usually. But when it comes to bunny cakes, I'm all into the frosting. I think it may have something to do with the coconut. I love coconut.

You can't just dive into a bunny cake. Oh, no. You have to eat it a certain way. Here is a list of steps you must take in eating one. Just in case you ever manage to be lucky enough to get your hands on BUNNY CAKE!!!

1. Gaze lovingly upon your BUNNY CAKE!!!

2. Gently pull one of the ears from the cake.

3. Gently pull out the other ear.

4. The bunny can smell his impending death. Pull off his nose.

5. The bunny should not see the horrors. Take his eye.

6. Better take the other eye, too.

7. Eat the bunny, head first. It's more humane that way.

I didn't provide photos for the rest of the carnage. It was just too much to handle.

The cake? It was moist and delicious!

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