Lists: Day Twenty Three

Hannah in a Diaper

Reasons to Not Fall Asleep While Babysitting

1. The kid will not fall asleep just because you did.
2. The kid will get bored.
3. The kid will poop on your living room floor.
4. The kid will get out your wedding cake knife and sever set.
5. The kid will . . . well I think you can guess what happens next. Hint: The kid will not be serving cake with those things.
6. The kid will get out the champagne glasses from your wedding and fill them with . . . I think I'll let you fill in the blanks on that one again.
7. The kid will decide it's time for you to get up and see the masterpiece.
8. The kid will wake you up by smacking you in the face with the cake server. Yes that cake server.
9. You'll have a heart attack and die when you see the mess.
10. Oh and you'll have poop on your face.

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