Lists: Day Twenty


A couple of weeks ago, I bought some Twizzlers Cherry Nibs.

I love me some red licorice and Nibs are like the ultimate. When I was lifeguarding, I think I lived on these for a full summer. No really. I spent so much time at the pool when I worked there, that my diet consisted of a few terrible things:

1. Nibs
2. Peanut Butter M&M's, smashed in bag and then frozen into a makeshift candy bar.
3. Sunshine
4. Chicken pita pockets if my mom would bring it to me.
5. Sonic jalapeno poppers
6. Chlorine
7. Sonic blue coconut slushes
8. Sonic cherry limeades
9. Subway veggie delights
10. Yogurt


I gave up candy for Lent. I don't even eat that much candy. It's just that I forgot about Lent and candy was something I hadn't already had since the forty days started.

I've never wanted candy so bad in all my life.

My mom has always said Sundays don't count since they're not calculated in the forty days, so we were always allowed to have what we gave up. So it was exciting to get Nibs on that particular Sunday.

I'd been very good about not giving in to these new cravings. I was turning down candy at work and from friends. To finally get a taste of candy was going to be great. Especially since it was one of my all-time favorites!

Yesterday, there was a big traffic jam on Kellogg and I was creeping along. Bored, I reached down and grabbed the bag of Nibs that was still sitting there and nibbled while I sang along to my CD.

Today, I drove through downtown and traffic was way congested, so I reached for the remaining Nibs and popped a couple in my mouth. As I was chewing, I flipped out.


And after I gave Raw all that crap about eating ice cream.

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