She's Got a Way About Her

Ribbit!  Ribbit!

Wow. It seems like you were just this tiny little new baby and now you're two!

It's been quite a year for you. In such a short time, you became a big sister and made a big move to Newton.

None of this phased you a bit. Your personality is huge and you're as stubborn as ever.

I think you might have a little bit of imp in you. Which isn't to say you're not kind. One minute, you'll be trying to ride your sister like a horse, and the next, you'll be cuddling and kissing her. You're sweet with a side of sour.

But even in those sour moments, when you're frowning or pouting, I can't help but smile. I try to hide the smile because I don't want you to think I'm not taking you seriously. It's just that you're still so cute when you're trying to be ugly!

What amazed me the most about you this year was the way you've been learning words. It's funny to watch you concentrate when hearing a new word and then listening to see you slowly try to form that same sound. So funny, I thought it might be hilarious to try to teach you something kind of naughty.

Everyone will yell at me for this one, but one day I looked at you and slowly said "Douche . . . bag."

Your mommy looked at me and rolled her eyes. I thought surely it was complex enough that you wouldn't be able to figure it out.

You looked at me quite intensely. Frowning a little, you took a shot at it. "Doooosh. Bagaga!"

You smiled and we laughed--a little horrified. That's when I knew I really needed to watch what I said around you. You're a parrot!

Our favorite way to entertain ourselves is to tell you to shake your booty. You'll do it on command and it always makes us laugh.

But I like to watch you when you start dancing of your own volition. Last time I visited, your daddy was playing the guitar and you just wandered around him. Now and then you'd stop and sway. Maybe you'd nod your head a bit. You were just lost in your own little world of music and granola.

Some people say your old Aunt Bee has a cold heart. She doesn't go all googly for every kid that comes around. But you always manage to prove those people aren't totally right.

When I came to your house for Christmas, you were out with your family. I waited patiently at your house and when I heard the van pull up, I made my way to the door. Before I even opened it, I could hear you wailing away about some injustice.

I stood on the porch and listened to you screaming. You looked my way and suddenly your crying stopped.

"Aunt Bee!" You were seemingly happy to see me and ran my way. You didn't have to run far. I met you halfway and tossed you in the air.

You laughed and then started nodding so that I would know what you had to say next was truth. "Aunt Bee cool."

You ain't half bad yourself, kiddo!

Happy Birthday, Sophia!

Aunt Bee


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