I'm Gonna Play This Part


It's RiverFest again. Usually, I love living right on the river, but this time of year can be a real pain in the booty.

On Friday, my friend Jill gave me a cupcake on my way out of the office. We then walked out and bid each other good weekend.

And then, because my brain never works correctly, I called her up to tell her about a few things I had forgotten. I was still talking to her as I drove through downtown on Douglas.

I suddenly noticed there were a bunch of people lining the streets. They had lawnchairs and were wearing visors and holding giant turkey legs.

"Oh man! I'm driving right through Riverfest! They must be getting ready for the parade! I'm going to start waving!"

"Do you have any candy you can throw?"

"I have my cupcake!"

And oh man did I cackle at the thought of heaving that treat right at someone. There was so much frosting, there would be a ton of splatter and stick.

Happy Riverfest!

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