Oh You Are Awful but I Love It


I had a tarot card reading at work last week.

Yes. At work. Don't ask questions.

What's important is that the reader told me that in a former life I was an African princess.

That's right. You always knew it was true. I'm totally princess material.

"You were also an African-American male."

"Awesome!" And here is where I embarrass myself. "I had a big weenie!"

Everyone laughed. A lot. When the reader finally caught her breath, she asked "Is that true? I've never heard that!"

I wasn't sure what to say. Who hadn't heard that stereotype? Really?

I think she realized everyone in the room thought she had grown up in a monastery (which I lived in during a former life. I was a priest or a monk). "Did I say African? I meant Native American!"

I didn't have much to say to that. I didn't know any dirty-minded stereotypes.

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