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It turns out the bacon is pre-cooked. That doesn't sound so appetizing, I know. But you'd be surprised at the things you'll eat when you've been drinking.

We ended up sticking with the BLT and also ordered a turkey club. Then we waited. And waited.

We waited so long, we thought we may have missed the knock on the door. So we decided to order pizza. It wasn't so easy, either. I called four places before I scored.

"Do you deliver to the Hotel Phillips?"

"Yes we do."

"Awesome! I need an order of cheesy breadsticks . . ."

"Hold, please."

As I was holding, there was a knock at the door. Raw answered and it was our room service order. "We found some hummus for you!"

I hung up on the pizza place and Raw ushered the guy out the door. Then we tore into the food.

As I tasted the hummus, I realized it tasted like crap. I wondered if they found the hummus in the garbage. And the pita bread was freshly fried!

Yet they couldn't manage to fry up some French fries?

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