Special Holiday Only for Me


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After we had successfully crammed sandwiches into our bellies in about three seconds, Raw and I were ready for bed. It took me all of half a second to fall asleep.

We had gone to sleep late, but Casey didn't make it to bed until much later. How much later? Well, he had breakfast in the restaurant downstairs without us. Before he went to bed!

I didn't wake up for good until after noon. I sat on my bed and read the complementary paper while Raw drank coffee. We decided to let Casey sleep while we went to get lunch and a birthday cake.

This sounded relatively simple, but I don't know my way around Kansas City very well. And Raw . . . well, Raw sometimes doesn't know her way around anywhere very well. But I will say, she's not as bad as she makes herself out to be.

We made our way to Westport pretty easily. We only had to turn around once. We knew there was a market there, because we parked near it when we last saw Tool. The problem was that we couldn't remember on what street it was located.

Westport looks a lot different during the day. We turned down this street and then that one. Then we both saw it at the same time. "Hey! Isn't that the roof?"

Down the hill and to our left, we made our way to the Sun Fresh market. We came from behind and couldn't drive a straight line there, but somehow we made it.

The market was pretty cool. The produce looked awesome. They had sushi! And they had a big sign that read "BREAKFAST!"

I got excited. I love breakfast and had missed out since Casey went without us. Unfortunately, they were done with breakfast, too. So we settled on sandwiches.

We got enough snacks to feed twenty people and a couple of balloons. One read "OVER THE HILL" and Raw got candles to match.

Casey was excited about the ten gallons of juice, pop and water we brought back. He wasn't so thrilled with the old guy stuff. He didn't feel he was old enough to be over the hill.

"What will you have on his balloons when he turns forty?"

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