Special Holiday Only for Me

Mmm . . . Cake!

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Raw had already let Casey open one present. She gave him a really nice shirt to match his Harley.

I got Casey a book called What's Your Poo Telling You? I don't know why I thought of him when I saw that book. Also, why did he come to mind when I saw the Ass/Face Soap? I had to get it for him to match his Butt/Face Towel.

Raw and I made Casey blow out his candles, then he re-arranged them to spell out different words. He and I giggled like nine year-olds. It's good to know our brains aren't aging.

Then we sat around. Or rather laid around. I'm pretty sure I napped a bit. I know. We're truly outrageous. Just like Jem.

Casey flipped through channels for an hour before I made him stop so I could watch America's Funniest Home Videos. While Raw was in the bathroom, we saw the funniest video ever! I'll try to explain it because I can't find it online.

The video was a $100,000 finalist, so they talked to the family who sent it in.

"Tuesday night is karaoke night at our house," the father explained. "I'm usually the emcee."

One of the two daughters spoke up. "And we pick the songs."

"And usually, the dog just hangs out and watches," the mother said. "But on that night, I guess he wanted to participate."

Then they showed the video and I chuckled because it was already pretty funny. The dad had the buttons on his shirt undone to mid-chest and was really into his song. He was belting out his song like some eighties rockstar. The girls were bouncing around and dancing with their arms up in the air.

I lost it when the mom walked through the frame doing the robot.

Up to this point, the dog has just been jumping around. But something about the robot must have gotten to him. He jumped up and put his paws on the dad's shoulders. Then he started humping the air between the dad's legs.

Casey and I laughed a lot. What made it even funnier is that the dad just went with it. He pumped his fist in the air and danced.

If you've ever had the misfortune of seeing me laugh uncontrollably, you know it's scary. I can't breathe but I can't stop. It was pretty scary that day as the tears rolled down my face.

I think Raw was pretty concerned when she came out of the restroom. We tried to explain the video but she didn't seem to think it was that funny. That's probably what you're thinking too!

But I swear to you it's hilarious! Someday I'll find it and show it to you!

The video didn't win, of course. The funny ones never do. We continued to flip channels until we came across this guy:

What the Hell?

Do you see how weird that was?

What's with the space background? I almost expected him to start singing about spase peepole! Instead, he started spewing religious stuff. But I'm not sure what religion it was. Does anyone know who this is?

Attention people of Kansas City! Help!

Who is this guy floating in space?


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