Special Holiday Only for Me


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Once we got to Maker's Mark, I wondered what Casey had been so worried about. Sure, the place looked classy, but the customers did not.

Unless cut off shorts and a wifebeater with your pit hair hanging out is classy.

I ordered a drink and Casey ordered a bottle of wine for Raw and himself. I had my drink and was enjoying it immensely. Casey and Raw sat there, their mouths parched, as I slowly sipped away.

Twenty minutes later, our waiter showed up with the wine. "I'm sorry for the wait. My manager had to go get it."

As in, he had to go to the liquor store? The winery?

Casey had to put up with the whole wine-pouring ceremony. He was very patient as the waiter popped the cork and then waited for Casey to sniff it. I laughed because the waiter poured a small amount into the glass for Casey to taste it. I knew Casey was thinking "Keep going! Fill the glass!"

Casey and I had both been looking at the same entrees. So when I decided to order the salmon, Casey went with the scallops. After analyzing her poo, Raw decided she needed roughage and ordered a salad.

Casey was the winner. The scallops were awesome! I kinda feel bad because I"m pretty sure Raw and I ate most of Casey's food.

Oh. Did I not mention that we're totes classy? And don't feel too bad for Casey. He cleaned up my salmon.

After dinner, Casey ordered a mint julep and we got a slice of mango passion fruit cheesecake.

Casey took a drink of his julep. "Not bad. Try it."

Raw had a sip. "It tastes like gum. You try it!"

I tried to refuse. I don't like bourbon. But they twisted my arm. "No. It tastes like toothpaste."

The cheesecake, though, was great. So great, I was afraid there was a vibrator in Raw's seat when she took her first bite.

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