Special Holiday Only for Me


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It was our last night in Kansas City and we finally convinced Casey that we should go to Maker's Mark. We all managed to get showered and dressed and headed over to the P&L again.

On our way, Casey was again stopped by a man on the street. I was kinda freaked out again because the guy had a big grown on his chin. Like maybe he was addicted to chewing tobacco but couldn't afford it so he shoved a golf ball in there but the golf ball worked its way down so far that he couldn't get it back.

"Excuse me, sir. Thank you for not being startled . . ." He gold Casey about how he had just gotten out of jail and he had a construction job lined up but he just needed some money to get by until his check came.

Casey listened patiently and then answered, "Nah. We're alright."

We're alright. Casey basically told the guy Nice story. We're off to pay silly amounts of cash for booze and food. See ya!

And good luck with your face!

"Did I hear that guy right?" I asked as we walked away. "Did he just call us African princesses?"

We were surprised because Raw and I are pretty white. "Yeah. He did."

How'd that guy know I used to be an African princess???

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