Special Holiday Only for Me

Raw and Casey

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Raw and Casey laughed at my dirty mind and then we ate some more birthday cake.

We rented a movie. Casey and I swore we'd stay awake to watch it. Raw was the one to stagger out of bed to turn the television off. Casey and I were off in dreamland.

We woke up later than we had intended, so we rushed to get packed up and checked out. Luckily, Raw is one of those people who goes over everything with a fine-toothed comb. I don't think we forgot anything.

The one place Casey wanted to go when we first planned the Kansas City trip was Sakura, aka Sushi Train.

Sakura is one of those places where you sit around the guys making sushi. After they make a roll, they slice it up and place it on a train as it passes. When the train goes by, you just grab the plates that look yummy. When you're done, they count your plates and charge you for each.

Raw and I both had five plates and were stuffed. Casey had fifteen.

We headed out to The Legends to satisfy Raw's craving for shopping. I bought shoes (shocker!) and we saw Wayne Simien's dad.

Seeing all the families shopping together made Raw and Casey miss the girls. We decided to head back. As soon as we pulled in the drive, Raw shot out of the car like a cannon. Casey was right on her heels. They flew through the door and babbled at the girls about how much they missed them.

The girls were eating and didn't say a word. They gave Raw and Casey a look that said "Oh. Were you gone?"

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