'Cos I'm Made Out of Glue


While we were in Kansas City, Raw's brother proposed to his girlfriend.

Jeremy and Robyn have been joined at the hip for awhile, so we weren't surprised. In fact, we were anticipating it. Every special occasion gave us the chance to wonder if Jeremy would give Robyn a ring.

"It's Christmas! What do you think Robyn will get?"

"It's their anniversary! They're going out for a nice dinner! I bet tonight's the night!"

I think he proposed while we were out of town for a reason. He didn't want us old ladies grilling him on the details.

They had only been engaged for a couple of weeks when Raw told me that Robyn already had a lot of details already planned. She had set the date and even had her dress already!

I was almost afraid that she was going to be one of those crazy wedding-is-my-only-focus bridezillas. And then I remembered she had just gotten a job teaching high school. Once August comes, she'll have no time for wedding planning. She's smart to get it out of the way now!

Today, I put in my two cents to the wedding fund by taking their engagement photos. They turned out pretty good for a first-timer, I guess.

Robyn got pretty nervous about one shot. She was sitting on a rock, facing me. "Can you see up my skirt?"

"Yep. I'm selling these shots to all your students!"

Jeremy and Robyn Are Engaged from Aunt Bee on Vimeo.

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