Special Holiday Only for Me

Casey and Raw

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Casey ended up deciding he didn't want to go to Maker's Mark. He thought it looked too classy. So we headed to the Mexican place instead.

Tengo sed Cantina was definitely not classy. We were seated in a booth that sat right next to a stripper pole.

I had a tasty margarita and some cheap tacos and talked to Raw. Casey called all his friends to let them know there was a slight change in plans. Still drinking, different location.

After eating, we headed back to the hotel to clean up. We wanted to feel totally refreshed before we got totally faded. And fade we did, but I'm getting ahead of myself. And I know how you all want every single event detailed.

We headed back to the P&L in the dark and found it much more crowded. Raw and I scored a seat on a fountain while Casey went to get us drinks.

Yes! I made Casey serve us on his birthday! I'm rotten! But he's so good at it!

While we were waiting, I noticed a gal sitting over on the "bleacher" area. I turned to Raw. "I think I went to school with her."

"You should go say hi!"

"I'm not that sure!"

Casey's friends started showing up and Casey kept brining us drinks. They didn't have Kahlua (!) so I was drinking Momma-style with vodka sours. Raw and I were surprised at the number of big fake boobies, bad music and crazy dancers we saw. But we had a good time. And all through this, I was stealing glances, trying to determine if I knew "that girl."

I know. It shouldn't have been that hard to figure out. But she was a couple of years older than me and we didn't really ever hang out. Plus, it's been over ten years since I last saw her.

My drinks didn't seem very strong. Casey brought one and said "I saw them pour this one. There's a lot of vodka in it. He was right!

After awhile, I was still nursing the strong drink when Casey decided to get another round. He asked if I wanted another. I gave him the signal for "NO WAY! I NEED A REST!"

I guess he thought I gave him the signal for "Thank you, sir. May I have another?"

Raw and I headed to the restroom and when we came out, I saw a guy that was in the same group that included the girl I thought I went to school with. I grabbed his arm to get his attention.

I succeeded in getting his attention and also got a reaction I'd never gotten from a stranger. The guy straight up recoiled from me and turned to look at me with a face full of disgust.

"Are you hanging out with a girl named Eva?"

He softened his stance when he realized I wasn't out to rape or pillage him. "Yeah . . ."

He didn't know her last name, but it was enough to give me the courage to approach her. "Hi Eva! I just scared the crap out of your friend!"

We exchanged pleasantries and then I made my way back to Casey's party. The boys were itching to get to the casino, so Raw and I bid them all a good night. We were having too much fun to leave for the boredom of the casino.

As I told Casey goodbye, he leaned in close. "Take good care of her."

I kind of laughed. "I will."

"No really," he demanded. "Take care of her."

Who does Casey think he is? I was taking care of Raw before he even knew her!

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