Cause I'm the Woogie Boogie and the Master of Fun


Evan's third birthday is coming up and Jacque is starting to freak out.

"Renting a Moon Walk is actually pretty cheap!"

Moon Walk??? We were lucky if we got to rent a movie!

While we were talking, evan had snuck back to the spare bedroom to watch Spiderman in peace and solitude. Of course, I just couldn't have that!

I ran in and picked on him for a bit, but not too long. If you distract him from his Spiderman too long, he gets cranky. I quickly tired myself out and laid down across the foot of the bed.

Jacque got lonely and came in to see what was going on. She ended up sitting at the head of the bed. This of course, meant that we had just made a crazy playground for Evan.

He crawled all over us, making strange hissing sounds. "What is that? Why is he doing that?"

Jacque is good at interpreting for me. "That's his spidey webs coming out."

He continued crawling back and forth between us. Then he leaped from person to person, all the while "spraying" us with his web. On one leap, he slid a bit and instead of catapulting himself off my butt, he fell on it.

Jacque groaned and then started laughing. "He bounced off of you and hit me!"

"What are you trying to say?" I demanded to know. "Are you saying I'm bouncy?"

"No! I meant--"

"Maybe I'm so bouncy, you should just hire me for Evan's birthday party!"

Who needs a Moon Walk when you can just have Aunt Bee lie down and let the kids jump on her?

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