And I Know I'm Countin' Good Times

Jill and Me

Twenty five years ago today, I was the cutest flower girl ever.

Okay. So I might have had some competition from my cousin Jill. No really! It was a serious competition!

Our mothers made our dresses and when I saw Jill's, I was crazy jealous. Hers was longer! That made the pink ruffled dress so much more sophisticated! I was so mad at my mom!

Someone pointed us toward our flower baskets and we rushed to them. Jill beat me to the table. I'm sure it had something to do with her long dress and nothing with the fact that she has always been a way better athlete than me.

Jill grabbed a basket and of course it was the best one! The ribbons were better, there were more flowers . . . why does she get everything?

But, being the experienced flower girl I was, I sucked it up and put on a stellar performance.

But who was the happily-getting-hitched couple?

Christmas at Grandma's 2005

Oh come on, kids! It's no laughing matter! You've made it twenty five years! That's a freaking miracle!

If you know BJ, you totally know what I mean.

Happy Anniversary!

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Anonymous said...

Your post should read " 25 days ago I was the laziest blogger ever. I will only post once a week, if that, and you faithful readers will endure endless suffering opening my page to see if I have posted jack shit."