But My Eyes Tell the Story that My Lies Can’t Hide

Facedown in the Snow

I can't even tell you how glorious that looks to me! I would love to shove my face into a pile of snow!

I know I've been terrible at this whole blog thing the last couple of months. It's just so hot! I can't even move! My brain won't work!

There's other things clogging my brain, too. I'm still obsessed with the whole San Francisco trip. I'm not kidding. I am so excited.

I talked to my gramps this weekend and he accidentally mentioned the trip. And so I started singing. "Oh no. I'm not going to have to listen to this for an hour, am I?"

C'mon people! I never go anywhere outside the midwest! Not to say I don't love Kansas, but I'll be turning thirty by the ocean!

And then there's that. I'll be thirty, soon. Just over a month. I think the trip is keeping me from really freaking out about it. But that doesn't stop it from happening.

And I know it's just a number, but that number is thirty! And do you know how close that is to forty? And then fifty is just around the corner! I feel like my life is just going by too quickly. And there's so many things I wanted to do and I haven't done them and I don't even feel old enough to do them! I'm so far away from childhood, but I still feel like such a baby inside. I can't be thirty! People who are thirty are so old!

Wow. This isn't really where I wanted this post to go. What I wanted to say is just that I have writers' block. Which seems so silly when it's just a blog. I just sometimes can't even pull up the blog to do any posting. I'm that blocked sometimes.

It's the heat! Not to mention the eye.

Sorry, folks! For the lack of posts and this whole tirade. My brain is a mess. But you knew this.

You see this . . . this is why I don't post!


Anonymous said...

People who are thirty are so old huh? And at the beginning you sound like a coke head saying how you would like to shove your face in a pile of snow. I know what you mean though. New Post!

Anonymous said...

why not...