Honey I Will Stitch You


My brain is really quite a mystery. You could study me for years and still never understand my thought process.

The way I remember birthdays is especially screwy.

Bret's birthday is the 13th because it's an unlucky number and if you double that number, you get Mitch's birthday for the next month, 4/26.

My college family was easy. John's birthday is the same as my dorm room, 4/16. Jackson's favorite number is 8, so it's funny that his birthday is 3/9. Raw's is the same month as his, but add a two to make 3/29.

I called Cameron yesterday to sing happy birthday. How did I remember his birthday?

Well, my mom and dad's anniversary is 6/24 and my Dad's birthday is 6/25. i always had trouble remembering which was which until I met Casey. his birthday is pretty easy to remember; 5/25. So that meant I would remember boys on the 25th, which left it easy for me to remember Mamo's birthday on 7/24.

I know Cameron's birthday is in August and it's the twenty-something-th. I was following the same "this is a girl day or boy day" calculation that results in me knowing Dad's birthday.

Sarah and Jacque are both on the 29th, so Cameron's is on the 28th.

I called at lunch before I forgot.


"Haaaaaaaaaaaapy biiiiirthday to yoooooooou!"

"You know my birthday is tomorrow, right?"

Apparently, the ol' brain doesn't work the same. I guess I'm old enough to get a calendar.

Happy Birthday--on the RIGHT day!

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