In Motion We Seem Wrong


John McCain chose Sarah Palin?

Who? No really, even Fox News was calling her Susan Palin for awhile.

Haha! Break ties in the Senate and shooting old men in the face!

It just seems like such an obvious ploy.

Y'all think I'm too old? Well look at how young my VP is! You like Obama because he's all about changing the way Washington works? You want someone less experienced? Check out my VP! I think this is a mistake, for the same reasons Matthew Baldwin has brought up.

What I find most ridiculous is that the McCain camp is obviously making a play for all the women voters who supported Clinton. I seriously hope that her supporters weren't voting for her simply because she was a woman, as I hope people aren't voting for Obama simply because he's not a white guy.

I feel like I'm watching a bad movie about a presidential race.

ps--If you don't watch The Colbert Report, Friday's episode should change your mind. I laughed through the whole episode.

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