To You

Maizey and Evan

Today, you are three.

Three is a great number. it's the number of Blind Mice, Musketeers, Pure Ones, Wise Men and Beastie Boys. It's also the number of some other stuff that you're not allowed to ask me about until you're older. Wait. Not even then.

One thing that hasn't changed over the year is your personality. You're just as crazy and rambunctious and all-out boyish as ever! I really don't know where you find the energy!

Your vocabulary has expanded quite rapidly. It's so funny to hear your personality come through in your speech. I can hear true emotions now; especially concern and attitude!

Your aim when throwing is awesome and you're getting tough. You don't throw a fit and cry every time you fall down anymore!

Bedtime has been a nightmare in the past, but you've recently gotten much better. I didn't think I'd ever be there for a bedtime where you didn't come running into the room screaming because you didn't want to sleep! I'm really proud of you!

And potty training? Down. Pat.

I have to admit we did go through a bit of a rough patch. You picked up this nasty habit of spitting at me. I hate spitting! It's so gross.

Your mom kept telling me it was probably a phase. i was worried, though. We tried to be stern and tell you to stop. We tried explaining how it was yucky and it hurts people's feelings. We tried ignoring it. nothing seemed to work. I was really starting to take it personally!

I should have known. Moms are always right. The spitting ended as suddenly as it began. And we have been having a blast the last few months!

We've had fun playing Spiderman and chasing each other around the house. It's fun to throw you on the bed and I really feel like it's giving me a good workout!

We both laughed quite heartily when I shot your mom in the eye with your disc gun! I don't think I had ever seen you mock someone before! "My eye! My eye!"


We have this routine at bedtime. You come and give me a big hug and I attack you with kisses. Then I repeat my goodnight wishes to you over and over. I have to confess, though, that I stole those wishes from someone.

A long long time ago when I was young, I used to babysit this boy. Like you, and all kids, he always tried to delay bed time.

He would holler at me through his closed door and expected me to repeat each line after he said it:

Night night!
Sleep tight!
Don't let the bed bugs bite!
Love you!
See you!

And to really keep from going to sleep, he would repeat it over and over. The repetition is probably why it's still stuck in my head to this day! Since I chant this to all my poomongers at bed time, you get to hear this once a week. I apologize in advance for the frustration you'll have later in life when you can't get it out of your head.

You used to love the routine since it delayed bed time. Recently, though, you're enjoying going to bed more and you just don't have time for me.

"Night night!

"Night night!"

"Sleep tight!"


"Love you!"

Here is where you sigh really hugely. "Love you."

Oh poor Evan. This is just the beginning of the exasperation! I plan on many more years of embarrassment and harrassment!

Happy birthday, Evan!

Aunt Bee

Evan and Maizey

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