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A couple of months ago, I was testing a product for AdaptiveBlue. The product works with Firefox so I should have known to close out the hundred or so tabs I was browsing.

Instead, I tried to go ahead and install. I encountered a malfunction right away.

I sent a message to Fraser via Skype. He tried to guide me through the start-up process but nothing seemed to work.

I see you with your head in your hands, John Doe! Yes, I know we ruins everything!

Anyway, somehow after a few restarts, everything worked perfectly. Since I was testing, the AdaptiveBlue crew was concerned and wanted to do some more investigating. Fraser was very sweet about asking me if I would be willing to share my system with them via Webex. As if it was really going to mess up my day. I was only worried about them seeing all my embarrassing array of tabs.

It's not like I was looking at porn or anything. I just look at things I'd rather people not know about. I saved my tabs to a new bookmark file so I could read through them later. And of course I messed up the netmeeting for awhile. Because that's how I roll.

But once we got it working, they looked through some of my stuff. "What tabs did you have open when you installed?"

I was mortified. They were going to find out about the real me!

They saw the tabs with Yo Gabba Gabba toys and the three tabs all about The Hills. I had a few tabs up about the Large Hadron Collider. I'm sure they were really impressed by the picture of my devil eyeball!

On Tuesday AdaptiveBlue released their newest poduct, Glue.

This browser add-on makes it easier to connect with friends around books, music, movies, restaurants, stocks, wine and more.
Glue automatically appears on Amazon, Last.fm, Netflix, Yahoo! Finance, Wine.com, Citysearch and hundreds of other popular sites to show friends who looked at the same thing and what they thought.
You may remember I mentioned using AdaptiveBlue's BlueOrganizer awhile back. Glue is much simpler to use and looks prettier.

It's also more social. I see you rolling your eyes! "Not another social network!"

I know. I'm rather burned out, too. But this really takes no effort. You download it, create a tiny profile, and it really does the rest for you.

You participate simply by visiting pages. As you browse Glue automatically remembers the last 20 things you visit. In addition Glue gives you two simple ways to express your attitude - Like button and 2Cents box. Whenever you click the Like button your friends will see that you liked this book or music album or movie, regardless on which sites you use. The 2Cents box lets you add a playful comment so that you can let your friends know what you thought.
Glue is incredibly simple to use and takes no web-savvy whatsoever. It works with other social applications, like Twitter and del.icio.us.

If you're using Firefox (and seriously, if you're not, you should. You can do so much more with it than IE), definitely give Glue a try. It's really nifty and I've enjoyed using it.

I'm glad I didn't manage to break it for good in testing!

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