Before You Know, Awake


A couple of weeks ago, I received an email asking me about my spider, Pete.

I didn't write anything because I still wasn't over it. I'm feeling a bit better now. But I'm sorry to say Pete died.

She didn't even last as long as the freakin' crickets! What a waste of money!

Oh I mean . . . I know. It's super sad. Especially since she died the same day that my pet fish, Pete died. And I was sick that day. And I watched Pete, the fish die.

Yeah so it was a pretty sad day. But I'm recovering. Especially since I'm hoping my mom and dad find another one of these in their basement:


I swear it's some sort of mini-tarantula! Look at how scary it is! Look at it looking at you!!! I hope this time, they find a live one.

I bet it will eat my crickets.

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