Needless to Say It's a Wonderful Day

Mmm . . . Boudin

A couple of weeks ago, Alex from AdaptiveBlue Twittered his arrival in San Francisco.

"Send sourdough from Boudin!" I joked.

Yesterday, a package arrived from FedEx. The box had a big Boudin Sourdough logo on it. "No. Way."

We heard that this is the best bread in America. Enjoy it! Thanks for all of your help and for a great friendship. Alex, Fraser and the AdaptiveBlue crew
I was tickled, I was touched and I soon had a fully belly.

I think this speaks volumes about how great the AdaptiveBlue team is. Not only are they brilliant and developing incredible products, they are kind, sincere and totally in touch with their users.

If you're not using Glue, do it now!

I'll be busy filling up on sourdough and making a whole shopping list for Alex!

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Alex Iskold said...

Our pleasure! Enjoy :)