But not Tonight, Feed Them Death


I'm not a fan of the NBA so yes I know I'm late to this story.

Apparently, when the Cavaliers score one hundred points or more in a game, you can turn your ticket in for a free chalupa at Taco Bell.

And if you've ever been to any kind of sports event, you know people get insane for the free stuff. You're going to shoot a T-shirt at me? I can upgrade to a free plastic team cup? Do I want a free pom pom? A free towel? Hell yeah!

When the Cavs were beating the Bucks 99-93 with less than a minute remaining in the game, I'm sure the crowd was going nuts. Free chalupas for all!

But when LeBron got the ball, he dribbled out the clock. He didn't even try to score that goal. The fans would go home hungry.

And boy were the fans mad! They booed poor little LeBron. What bullies!

I guess LeBron is all sad that the fans would boo the home team. Which, yeah, is silly. But come on, one more point?

I listened to coach Mike Brown on Jim Rome the other day. He was the one who told LeBron to dribble it out. Brown said it was obvious the Cavs were going to win and they didn't want to rub it in the Bucks' faces by scoring more points.

Seriously? It's not like the score was 99-50! The won by six points! I really don't think the Bucks would have minded an extra point or two.

I know. It's just a chalupa. And if they can afford a season ticket, they can surely cough up a buck or two for a chalupa.

But the closer the score gets to the century mark, the more they try to rile up the crowd. They start tossing free Taco Bell crap into the crowd. The big screen goes chalupa crazy and apparently there's even a chalupa chant. And then you're going to intentionally deny them the chalupa? Of course you're going to get the drunk fans booing at you!

"I can't believe people who buy season tickets get worked up over a g-- d--- $1 (blank) taco," LeBron said later.

I think he's really missing the point. It's not really about the food. I'm sure most of the fans never even go to get their free chalupa. It's about having a good time with silly stuff. It's about connecting with your fans.

Anyway. That's my two cents on that.

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