Too Strong to Lose


For years, I've been a big fan of the defense.

I've sworn I would marry all the Oklahoma linebackers starting with Rocky Calmus. Then I fell in love with Teddy Lehman. And most recently, my heart was won by Rufus.

What can I say? I like a good tackle! And, like my father before me, I'm not a fan of the quarterback.

That all changed tonight!

Oklahoma's offense was beautiful tonight! DeMarco Murray blew my mind. Did you see him evading tackles?

Sam Bradford is one of the few quarterbacks I've actually liked. Tonight, he was a true leader. And he's only a sophomore!

But my defense was no slouch! When recovering a turnover, you'd think the offense was playing again. And their tackles were insane!

Okay. So the horse collar was pretty ridiculous. And they could have cut down on the jawing. But come on, who doesn't want to kick Carter's ass?

Honestly, I believe that I just watched the greatest team in college football win a game. I haven't seen anyone play that great this year.

Now if we can keep it up for Oklahoma State . . .

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