The Time is Now

Wichita Gay Pride Parade & Festival

Just say no, California!

You have a very important decision tomorrow, California. This is the biggest civil rights vote ever in my lifetime. This is the vote that can get the wheel turning.

Marriage is supposed to about love between two people. Don't put limits on that love.

I honestly thought I was missing something. It seems to be simple. But for people to be so against gay marriage, there had to be a good reason! I tried Googling some valid reasons. What I found was a lot of hatred and words that disgusted me.

I've asked friends. The only answer I have received is that they believe it is against their religion or that "It's just wrong." Which is fine. Everyone is free to their opinions. I respect that.

But this is not a religious issue. This is a matter of telling one group of people that they do not have the option to do something that another group of people can. This is a constitutional issue.

A woman can vote. A black man is free to sit at the front of the bus, can vote and even run for president. Our history is full of people struggling for such inalienable rights. Why do we still continue to discriminate?

Nobody is asking for anything special. This is about equality. Straight people have been getting legally married and screwing things up for years. Why not give everyone a chance?

Vote No on Prop8!

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