Yes. We. Can.

I don't like to talk politics with my mom. I get the feeling that she feels everything I say is an attack directed at her.

I'll admit, I'm not the best person to talk politics, either. There's really not much of a chance you're going to change my mind. But I try to listen. My mom cuts me off and is always very defensive.

A couple of weeks ago, I made the mistake of trying to talk to my mom about today's election.

"Oh so you think Obama can fix everything?"

I was very honest and told her no. We have dug ourselves into a very deep hole and left ourselves very few resources to fill it. I don't think Obama can do it in a mere four years.

But I believe that out of all the candidates, he's the best to get us started.

Obama has really inspired people this year. He somehow managed to help us find our passion again. He has the endorsement and support of leaders who can advise him and help guide our country back to a time when we believed in ourselves. When we still had hope.

I just have so much more confidence in the Obama/Biden ticket. For one, Obama just seems so much more presidential. McCain often looks scared and manic. I've never seen Obama look anything other than cool and collected. When he smiles, I feel it's genuine. And if you're one of those people, He's totally the kind of person you could have a drink with.

If you're not convinced by just comparing the two presidential candidates, just take a look at the running mates. Conservatives keep telling us that Obama doesn't have experience and just isn't ready. They use such verbiage in their John McCain-approved commercials. It seems maybe they should take a look at their own ticket before they try that line. Seriously, President Palin? This parody is not too much of an exaggeration!

Today is the day, ladies and gentlemen. One day to change the world. This is our moment.

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