Come Back Through the Park


I consider myself a decent driver. I mean, I'm no Frank Martin, but I seem to do pretty well.

I've been pretty lucky in crappy weather so far. When it snows, I drive slowly and really try to watch out for "the crazies" as my grandfather calls them.

I drive through the park every day on my way to work. Today, I literally drove through the park.

That's right. Today, I was one of the crazies.

I should have known as soon as I saw the road that I should have taken another route. None of the roads were grated very well, but this particular road had not been touched. It was pretty difficult to see where the road was.

I thought to myself as I drove along: The roads aren't very slick. I'm not having any trouble driving, but boy is it cold! Hey why is the roundabout so far to the left?

And then I realized I was on the wrong side of the signs.

But I'm fine. That's what matters, right?

"It would've been cool if I'd gone into the river!" I told Jill. "I could've been on the news!"

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