If You Feel the Urge to Freak, Do the Jitterbug


Raw and I took Sophia to the Nutcracker yesterday. She's obsessed with tiaras and tutus so we just knew she would love it.

Unfortunately, we overestimated her attention span.

Which isn't to say she didn't love it. She did. Just off and on. And she kinda threw a fit when we told her it was time to go. And she asked if we could come back.

"Maybe when you're twelve."

There were several times during the ballet that she told us she was done. Everyone would applaud a scene. "It's over! It's done. It's over, Aunt Bee! Let's go! It's over!"

Or she would say "I'm done. I'm done watching this. Let's go! I'm done!"

And then there was the creme de la creme . . .

"I don't like this anymore. I DON'T LIKE IT! I don't like it! I'm gonna kick it!"

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