Only a Fool's Here


I've been obsessed with these boots for a really long time.

They're so adorable! I've always wanted a pair of wellies and how cute are those???

I knew I'd wear them about once every three months, so I really didn't need them. Somehow I was able to control my impulse shopping.

But then they had these wellies with tweed. Also adorable. Fur lined. Cute. They finally went on sale and when they were only eight bucks, how could I continue to resist???

I read that the weather was going to be crappy on Monday. I got up early and slid into my wellies, excited to get use out of them so soon.

My excitement was really unwarranted. Sure it was cold, but the weather wasn't so bad. Did I sound stupid walking around in wellies all day? Yes.

No really. I think some people call them galoshes because that's the sound they make when you walk.

Today, I rolled out of bed entirely too late. I'm telling you this place is cold! It's so hard to get out of bed when you know you will be instantly frozen in place!

I slipped on my shoes and headed out the door and found ice. Lots of glorious ice covering my car.

And I was one of those people I hate. I drove away with a small bit of my windshield cleaned off. It was horrible.

But I couldn't help it! I used all of my de-icer spray just to try to soften the ice! And then when I got my de-icer wiper fluid out of the trunk, I struggled for five minutes to get the stupid thing open just to realize the whole jug was frozen solid.

I hate mornings like this! These are the days I seriously consider moving to San Francisco where the weather is always the same-ish. Certainly never icy! And I didn't get any use out of my wellies!!!

Moral of the story? Get out of bed and look out the window!!!

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