I'm Gonna Relax

I Think He Liked the Doughnut

The other night, I took Jacque and Evan to The Donut Whole for their first taste of the best doughnuts.

Apparently, Evan really enjoyed it. He literally licked his "plate" clean. We then went for dinner. Yes, quite backwards. But awesome.

Later that night, I told Evan "I'm really enjoying you at age three."

And then I felt bad. Because it's not that I didn't like him at any other age. It's just that lately he's become easier to hang out with. I feel like we can take him places without worrying that he's going to throw a giant fit.

Don't get me wrong. He's still a kid and fits are always just one grumpy mood away. But he's become much more aware of other people and the fact that his actions affect others.

He's also getting funny. Intentionally funny. And he takes a genuine interest in conversation.

Jacque and I may even have the bedtime thing down. We tried something a few weeks ago and I think it's now going to be routine.

Bedtime is always a bit of a struggle when I'm there. He's always cool about going to bed. He's good while Jacque reads him the three books allowed. He gets quiet and almost falls asleep.

But as soon as Jacque leaves the room, he's up and following her into the living room. He just doesn't seem okay with the idea of Jacque and I having time alone. What if he's missing out on something?

So then he gets mad and Jacque gets frustrated and I eventually leave, thinking it might help and then Jacque thinks I'm offended and feels bad. We've considered just tying him down.

Of course we haven't! Not seriously. One night, we tried something different. I offered to read his bedtime books to him. We weren't sure if it was going to work. He's pretty into his routines and this wouldn't be normal.

But he was really excited. He gathered his books, pushed Jacque out the door and slammed the door in her face.

We read some books, got nice and quiet and then Jacque came in to finish things out. It's worked perfectly for three weeks in a row!

Now if he would just learn how to cook, our evenings would be great!

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