We Are One Inside These Walls

Jarod Makes Drinks with Swords

Last Saturday, she and her brother hit the town for Easter. The town being their little hometown.

She grew up in a town small enough that everyone pretty much knows each other. Since her mom is a teacher, even if people didn't know her personally, they probably know her last name.

When they walked into Scooters, she was a bit horrified. Everyone was twelve. Or that's the age they were when she left her hometown, so that's how old they will always be in her head. It felt just a little disturbing.

One of these twelve year olds was talking to her brother. The two had hung out together back in the day. She knew who the kid was, but didn't know him well.

Eventually the kid turned to her and held out his hand. "Hi. I'm sorry. I can't remember your name."

"Jenna," she said as she took his hand.

He gave her a strange look as he slowly shook her hand. A look like that doesn't sound right.

"Jenna Jameson," she continued.

"Oh! Haha. No I know you're Marcus's sister . . ."

"Then you know our family secret." And she turned and walked away.

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